Welcome Message

Hananto Andriantoro, MD, PhD.

Head of Vascular Working group of Indonesian Heart Association

On behalf of the Vascular Working Group of Indonesian Heart Association, I would like to extend to you the warmest welcome to this meeting.

The multi-disciplinary nature of vascular field embodies the true identity of Vascular Science. As a result, it provides a unique forum for scientific discussion on critical issues concerning the management and care of vascular patients. New and exciting developments have been discovered across the different fields of vascular science. Such as discoveries have all aimed to better serve our patients and alleviate the burden of human suffering related to vascular diseases.

Vascular disorders constitute one of the most serious problems of our time. Although many advances have been made with regards to the understanding, diagnosis and treatment, there is an ever present need for healthcare professionals to keep up with rapidly evolving developments.

The Organizing Committee is developing a stimulating, informative and up to date session devoted to discuss the various aspects of diagnosis and management of vascular diseases. Furthermore, we will also discuss the evidences for diagnosis and management of vascular diseases in order to strengthen our professional capability and meet the challenges faced today as well as in the coming future.

Therefore, it is our honor to invite you to participate in The 3rd IndoVascular Annual Scientific Congress (IndoVASC). We wish and hope to share with you a beneficial, fruitfull and enlightening congress.

We look forward to welcoming you in Bali !

Emanoel Oepangat, MD

Chairman of the Organizing Committee

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the The 3rd Indovascular Annual Scientific Congress (IndoVASC), to be held on January 19 – 21, 2023, at The Westin Hotel Nusa Dua, Bali, with the theme “Shifting Paradigm in Vascular Disease Management”.

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is an honor to meet with you in our first offline meeting since the Covid-19 pandemic. For the last two years, the pandemic has been a real challenge for us in giving the most appropriate medical care for our patients’ benefit across the medical fields and especially in the treatment of vascular diseases. Nevertheless, we have to be able to utilize all the evidence at our disposal and have confidence in our professional capability in order to cope with our problems and challenges today and in the coming future.

The congress will include several hot topics in the vascular field, and aims to establish guidelines for a scientific based medical practice which I am sure will attract a vast audience and active participation. We are developing a stimulating, informative and up to date session devoted to the various aspects of vascular disease diagnosis and management in daily practice.

The scientific program will consist of state of the art sessions, main and satellite symposiums, recorded complex cases, as well as workshops performed by an outstanding local and international faculty, who will stimulate interactions and discussions among the speakers and participants.

We are indebted to our very supportive pharmaceutical companies and medical industries for their synergistic and invaluable input, sponsorship and participation.

We hope that all participants will obtain the maximum benefit from the international experts, beside the experts from our own country in this interesting and stimulating meeting, and this meeting can be used as a place to meet new as well as to renew our friendship as before.

Welcoming you all to Bali !